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Are you searching for SEO Houston area small business owners? Great! Your at the right place!

First off, congrats on your new business venture! We are a local company just like you and we now exactly how it feels to get your business going, pick out a name, decide on a domain, choose between 75 different logo concepts, hire trustworthy employess, a CPA, etc…

Tired of reading about the last few weeks of your life yet? Just kidding! 

We are Houston Marketing Solutions, we help out local guys and gals just like you! 

How do you help us? 

Our web savvy experts helps your Houston area startup with all metrics of web appeal from basic web design, search engine optimization or SEO, pay per click or adwords management and even social media promotions or management! 

Our main goal is to help your business reach higher success! We help many local area companies with SEO and WordPress Web Design such as: Fix My Slab Houston Foundation Repair, Summer Creek Dental – a great local Humble area dental office and Proscapes Development LLC out of the Clear Lake, TX area. 

Why do I need SEO? 

Great question! SEO is the fundamental foundation to organic or natural internet search. We like to call it the search that everyone was acustomed to before all the new fancy stuff came out within the past ten years. Search engine optimization rankings are the website pages that are found beneath the paid advertising sections of search engines and sometimes mixed within the mapping sections. 

Mapping sections? How many more curve balls with you throw at me? 

We don’t call that a curve ball, we call it a fast ball these days and your competitor is likely already throwing it! 

Mapping optimization sections of search engines are the places you can visually see the search criteria with a small map dot or address attached within the hyperlink of the search query. 

Mapping optimization examples are: Google Places, Yahoo Local and Bing Places or Local. These mapping dots or listings will give your company visibility within your service categories when a search query is placed that is relevant to your business near the areas or geographical targets of your business. 

We help companies of all shapes and sizes with long term and short term internet marketing success! Rethink Local Houston area business owners, give us a call today!