Conservation of Historical Sites

By 2011, Xinjiang had collected 9,754 ancient books of ethnic minorities. Besides, the 15,427 ancient books of ethnic minorities already obtained among people were duplicated and photocopied in time. Most of these ancient books in 15 languages fall into the following categories: books, stories and songs, documents and tablet inscriptions.

Among the ancient books collected by the autonomous region’s office of ancient books, three in the first batch, five in the second batch and six in the third batch were included in Catalog of China’s Precious Ancient Books by the Ministry of Culture. Among them, the Uyghur ancient book Sirat al- Nabi was included in the second phase of the “Chinese Rare Book Facsimile Reprinting Project” by the China National Preservation and Conservation Center for Ancient Books and the National Library of China. Some ancient books of various units of the autonomous region, various areas, prefectures and cities collecting ancient books of ethnic minorities were also included in Catalog of China’s Precious Ancient Books. The “special collection of ancient books of ethnic minorities”of the autonomous region’s office of ancient books has become a national key ancient book protection unit.Jasmin Tee      Conservation of Historical Sites

Between 1961 and 2009, the State Council announced seven batches of key spots of cultural relics under state protection including many historical sites in Xinjiang. Because of the special geology and climate, Xinjiang is a region very rich in historical sites and can be called a major region of historical sites. By 2011, over 4,000 cultural relics sites had been found in Xinjiang, including 58 key spots of cultural relics under state protection, 374 under autonomous region protection and 2,134 under county protection.

The state and the local government have always attached great importance to the conservation and renovation of historical sites in Xinjiang. Under the guiding principle of “giving priority to both conservation and rescue”, in the past few years, a largescale renovation has been carried out to the region’s key cultural relics sites, including the Kizil Thousand Buddha Caves, Kumtura Thousand Buddha Caves, Simsim Thousand Buddha Caves, Bezkilik Thousand Buddha Caves, Tuyugou Grottoes, Gaochang Ancient City Ruins, Hami King’s Tomb, Former Residence of Yili General, etc. A number of important historical architectures of the Uyghur, Mongolian, Hui, Xibe and other peoples have been properly renovated and preserved, including the Tomb of Afak Hoja, Tomb of Tughluk Tumur in Huocheng, Zhaosu Lamasery, Former Residence of a Mongolian Prince in Hejing, and Chimtoghrak Manor.

Vigorous development of stock

Animals are barn-fed or semi-barn-fed during winter and spring. Projects on transport, energy, postal and telecommunications services, cultural, educational and health facilities are gradually carried out in the settlements. While improving the quality of life for the herdsmen, efforts are made to turn these settlements into bases for the development of the secondary and tertiary industries in the pastoral areas and marketplaces of livestock products. What has happened proves that settlement of herdsmen enhances their capabilities to fight natural disasters in the pastoral industry and reduces the livestock losses in winter and spring. In addition, it immensely facilitates the improvement of the educational level of the herding population and the economic development in the pastoral areas.

(1)     Vigorous development of stock raising in the land farming areas and city suburbs to meet the market demand for animal products

Xinjiang has vast grassland and fine stock breeds, and the grassland animal husbandry is one advantage of Xinjiang and should be promoted forcefully. On the other hand, stock rising in land farming areas is also the strength of Xinjiang. Xinjiang’s land farming areas cover bountiful grassland. In addition, the per capita farmland area in Xinjiang is three times higher than the national average. The farmland can provide the livestock with a lot of sideline products such as forage and fodder. Compared with the pastoral areas, the land farming areas in Xinjiang have mild climate, convenient transport, and better market conditions. Uygur farmers have the tradition and skills to raise livestock. They have their own edges in marketing animal products as well. In order to better develop animal husbandry in Xinjiang, it is essential to bring into play its advantages both in the pastoral areas and in the land farming areas, and make the two complement and reinforce each other.

In the past, stock rising in the land farming areas was treated as a rural sideline industry for a long time. As a result, its development was severely hampered and the economic returns were pretty low. As the socialist market economy was established, farmers came to realize that stock rising was an important way leading to prosperity. In recent years, a lot of animal husbandry sub-zones and specialized stock raisers have appeared, bringing a new pattern into the industry of stock rising in the land farming areas. In 1998, the autonomous region Viaje al lhasa y potala produced nearly 10 million mature livestock,

80% of which came from the land farming areas. Over 10,000 specialized chicken raisers and more than 4,000 specialized pig raisers are mostly in the rural areas. In the same year, Xinjiang had 10 model counties at the national level, and over 140,000 households of specialized stock raisers in the land farming areas. No matter in terms of the amount of livestock on hand or output of various

products, the animal husbandry in the land farming areas and city suburbs has truly become one of the two pillars of stock raising in Xinjiang.

Distinctive attributes of the elite http proxies

Always have a thorough notion about proxies before investing money in them. Many people fail to recognize this important factor and end up paying for substandard services. Focus on the list of features offered by the company. For instance, it is a plus point to deal with a company that offers both username/password based or IP address-based authentication mechanisms. People who deal with SEO and online marketing will have to buy http proxies after careful consideration of the features offered by the existing players. Curiously, not all the elite proxy providers will entertain the idea of their customers using the proxies for SEO applications.

What makes the http proxies very special during these times? For a start, you will get to enjoy the diversity in the IP addresses allocated by the service provider. Multiple networks present in different cities will allow you to get the best and the high quality IPs. The speed of the proxies is another factor that determines user experiences. If the proxy is slow and sluggish, you are going to spend a lot of time sitting in front of the PC. Always stick with the fast proxies and the service providers who will never oversell their proxies.

Because they do not oversell the proxies, everyone connected to the network will be able to enjoy good speeds at any given point of time. The inherent nature of the dedicated private elite proxies will allow you to remain anonymous while browsing the World Wide Web.  There is a reason why proxy providers term some of their services as elite proxies. These kind of proxies often occupies the top tiers when it comes to preserving your anonymity levels on the internet. Besides, such facilities will also come with provisions that will enable you to get fresh IP addresses every 30 days.

Unlimited bandwidth and unmetered connections will allow us to use the proxies without ever having to worry about data caps. Moreover, the proxies will be 100% compatible with all legal programs such as Tweet Adder and ScrapeBox, i.e. any program that accepts both http and https proxies. Do bear in mind that you cannot use the proxies for hacking or scamming purposes.

Some pointers to note while looking for SEO proxies

When it comes to choosing SEO proxies, many professionals make that crucial mistake of looking solely at the price point. Offering private proxies at attractive prices is indeed a good thing from the consumer’s point of view; but there are nefarious re-sellers of proxies who will try to masquerade as genuine proxy providers. Using free proxy services for SEO applications can turn out to be disastrous. Did you know that there are cheaper providers of proxies who will simply repackage the free proxies and sell them as elite private proxies? What are the other warning signs that you should know about when it comes to buying these proxies?

Watch out for those sellers of proxies who will promise to replace the proxy server, i.e. if someone manages to block your access to the website. It is important to note that fast and high performance enterprise grade SEO proxies will never come cheap. At the bare minimum, the service provider should have their own dedicated networks of proxy servers housed in prominent data centers. It costs real money to maintain these servers in perfect working condition. In addition, this can explain why the prominent suppliers of proxies for SEO applications charge slightly higher prices than the competition.

Search for the private proxy providers who will have data centers in multiple locations across the country. If they have data centers in different parts of the globe, then that can turn out as an added advantage. Likewise, look out for the large number of unique IP addresses available from the service provider. Sequential IP addresses for SEO purposes can spell out trouble. You must look for someone who can supply IP addresses that does not have any particular sequence. This can offer copious amounts of insulation from what is happening in the so-called IP address neighborhood!

The actions done by the others who are subscribing to the same service can turn out to be problematic. If the IP address allocated to you is adjacent to the IP address recently banned for abusive behavior, then you might experience issues while trying to engage in SEO practices.

Search Engine Optimization And The Modern Business

As a modern marketer and business owner, you have more than likely heard of search engine optimization. Major search engines like google and bing are often used by people who have commercial intent, that is, they are intending to purchase a product or invest in a service. This presents an opportunity for those savvy enough to earn a first page search engine listing for their industry’s most popular search phrases, or keywords. Search engine optimization is the art of making first page rankings a reality, but does it still work after so many google updates and refinements? And if SEO it still effective, does this mean that it is a viable option for the average business owner who may not be a search engine optimization expert?

Firstly, search engine optimization does still work in modern times. It is much harder and more complex than it once was, however. A subtle approach to on page optimization, internal linking, link building and social media marketing is required, which brings us to the answer of our second question – is SEO too complex for a normal entrepreneur? In reality, search engine optimization is not something that most business owners will want to do personally. It is time consuming, slow, frustrating and precarious. This does not mean, though, that SEO should not be used by every modern marketer. This is where an experienced search engine optimization company comes in. They will have the time, knowledge and experience to run your campaign properly. While there are no guarantees with SEO, the benefits often far outweigh the negatives if a campaign is professionally researched and executed. 

If you can achieve and retain upper first page positioning for search engine keywords that have traffic and commercial intent, you will almost certainly make money. Most digital marketing agencies will charge a high price for SEO services, but some offer excellent value for money and deliver results that can boost your business. The main thing with SEO is to be patient – results often take several months to come. For more info on search engine optimization, check out today


Access rock solid control panels by buying elite proxies

Buying private proxies have its share of vantages. These come with unlimited bandwidth and thus you could use them without having to worry about monthly data caps. Most people buy elite proxies because they will get access to a rock solid control panel – enabling them to have complete control over their user accounts. Private proxies often boast connectivity speeds in the ranges of 1 GB/s. Hiding your original IP address like a pro is easy thanks to such commercial service providers. Multiple data centers located in different countries / cities will also ensure seamless connectivity and usability of the system.

Please stick with private proxies that are compatible with any website on the Internet. Some users have experienced disappointment after subscribing to such services, which will not allow them to browse certain websites. Apart from being safe / secure and seamless, your location will also be completely anonymous to the others. Likewise, one must always try to stick with private proxies that will meet up with their existing demands. The service provider should also be willing to entertain any custom requests coming from your end. Custom private proxies will enable you to access solutions, which will work specifically for your current needs and requirements.

Search engine optimization is a significant paradigm that has played an important role in shaping up the present position of private proxies. Coupling a good SEO campaign with a robust elite private proxy and you will get many opportunities to fine-tune the strategies. If you are serious about making that marketing campaign a sure shot success, please do not hesitate to search around for the best private proxies around. One aspect to bear in mind – the IP addresses allotted by the service provider must not have any history of abusive behavior. In other terms, the best private proxies will turn out to be a perfect solution for any modern day SEO professional.

While using private proxies for SEO purposes is a good thing, we must never ignore the core concept of applying such technologies for surfing the World Wide Web without leaving any traces anywhere.  Remain completely hidden and protected while using these proxies.

The benefits of implementing responsive web design for your business

There are precise reasons that could explain why one will come across many websites during these times. Multiple software programs will allow us to create a simple and functional website using drag / drop user interfaces. Settling for one such website for your business operation can turn out to be disastrous. According to the experts, one must start building responsive web portals – especially for promoting a specific product / service. Custom web design and development services are available only from the professionals. If you are searching for a company that deals with the design and development of websites, the ensuing discussion might help.

What are some of the factors that you must have in mind while going through the quotes of the web design / development companies? Start by verifying whether the firm has a transparent and detailed proposal for your website. Likewise, the company should also be successful in delivering the completed website on time. Too many firms jump into the bandwagon with the sole intention of making away with your hard-earned money. They will prey on the gullibility of the entrepreneurs while over inflating the charges. Always deal with a company that offers affordable, but noteworthy and responsive web design.

In order to understand the importance of making a website with responsive design, you must listen to what the industry experts – specifically those who deal with search engine optimization are saying. According to them, users have a tendency to buy products / services from mobile friendly and responsive websites. Many entrepreneurs would think that responsive website designing is just a simple buzzword that does not have its own share of merits. When we condense the information made available to us, responsive websites will have a few certain specific attributes.

For a start, the website should be mobile friendly. It should load on all the portable devices while rendering the complete web page properly. Faster page loading is also crucial – people are becoming impatient with the passage of time. If a webpage takes time to load, then it is only natural for them to stop browsing and open another website (probably that of the competition). Websites should also be easier to manage for them to call under the broad category of responsive web portals. In other terms, search engines specifically look for a clear and clean website that has a structured design making it easy for everyone involved!

 Did you know that Google often emphasizes on creating responsive websites? A website that has a responsive design will also get better page rank. Leading developers are more than happy to come up with customized mobile templates for your website.  By doing so, it is possible to eliminate a fair share of issues originating from duplicate content! There is this concept termed a bounce rate. People do not like to spend their time browsing a non-responsive website. As mentioned earlier, they will quickly close the tab and move on to the other interesting things.

Do bear in mind that custom website designing and development process is much more than creating a static website that lists certain information. While designing a website, it is important to find out how the same will work beneficially for increasing the prospects of your business. Rather than creating a brand new website from the scratch, you can opt in for website migration procedures to save time.

Some Tips To Make Good Use Of The Unfollow Feature On Tweet Adder

Tweet adder is a unique piece of software program that is well worth your hard-earned investment. This utility comes with its own share of additions that will help you to do twitter marketing without having to worry about any negative repercussions. As a general rule of thumb, you must try to combine the efficiency of tweet adder with social media proxies to get the maximum benefits. Too many service providers claim to offer the best proxies for Twitter. How are you going to select the best ones among them? Start by checking out what the others are saying about a particular proxy service, by visiting the online review websites.

Just like any other twitter marketing tool, it is important to use tweet adder with care and caution. Improper and mindless application of the tool will only lead to complications. Just follow what the others are doing, in order to keep themselves out of trouble’s path! Try to make good use of the ‘unfollow’ feature integrated into tweet adder. Depending upon the specifications that you have set, the utility will unfollow all the profiles that satisfy these conditions. For instance, too much of tweeting is also problematic – try to unfollow those users who are hyperactive on twitter.

Likewise, it is better to unfollow all those profiles who do not have a proper profile picture. By all probabilities, it might be a spam account – associating yourself with them will cause issues further down the road.  Certain profiles will never respect their followers. These profiles will have millions of followers; but they will not have any interest in returning the favor by following them back. You must also unfollow such users. Having direct access to some of the best social media proxies is just the first step. You must be aware of the proper ways to use tweet adder for all of your twitter marketing requirements.

Most of the social media proxies, even those that have the highest approval ratings will be available for extremely reasonable rates. As of now, you can get private proxies by paying just $ 1.40 per month. Shared proxies are available for even better deals.

Using Automated Twitter Marketing Tools Along With Dedicated Private Proxies

If you are still adhering to the age-old practices to generate traffic from Twitter, it might take some time to see the proper results. The basic things that we will have to do, to channel more Twitter traffic into our websites is simply too time consuming. This is why we will have to rely upon tweet adder and social media proxies. Traffic generation using Twitter is easy when you have multiple IP addresses. An effective way to get multiple IP addresses is by signing up for private proxies. The price per proxy is just $ 1.40 every month. Many online marketers buy tweet adder proxies in bulk quantities to augment their marketing campaigns.

Simply put, tweet adder is an automated piece of software utility that can take your marketing career to greater heights. Finding a targeted audience who will have a distinct interest in what you are trying to sell / accomplish is easy with this software. You can even follow or unfollow them automatically – there are plenty of options to input your own rules into the utility. If someone decides to follow you, he or she will get custom greeting messages from your account – this too happens automatically.

Many online marketers will use the tool to manage their tweets. You can even insert time delays in between the tweets to improve the originality. Avoid spamming too much on Twitter because that could ultimately lead to banning of your account. With tweet adder, you can also keep a tab over the twitter trends. Social media proxies will help you to make your IP address anonymous. Thus, you can create many proxy accounts in twitter. With the help of multiple twitter accounts, you can maximize the entire process of traffic generation very easily. Please pay some attention to how the others are successfully using the tool to get their heart’s desire of web traffic to the different websites.

Opt for a single dedicated private proxy initially. This social media enabled proxy should help you to understand whether the quality of services is up to the mark. If they are satisfactory, you can start increasing the number of proxies, thereby benefitting from tweet adder immensely.

Learning All About Creating Successful Brand Identity Strategies

Brand design is an important marketing paradigm, often ignored by the entrepreneurs. Building an identity for your brand has its own benefits. Do bear in mind that brand design is extremely different from the other design processes that you might have already come across.  A good brand design strategy will include copious amounts of research work, planning as well as implementation of the plan. While building brands, you must always focus on gaining the trust of the masses. Along with gaining this trust, good design strategies will also help in keeping it for the many years to come.

There are certain key differences in the successful brands that set them apart from the competition. Those who own these brands will focus more on providing something useful to their target audience. For them, they are trying to sell a product – they are in fact helping their customers to improve the overall quality of their life. Defining brand identity design is not that easy. Do bear in mind that this is not something that you can accomplish magically by spending the least amount of time. One of the duties of the business owner is to find out more about their products, especially learning about all those factors that will make their products unique.

Soon after finding the unique characteristics of the product, it is easy to create the brand identity design. Those who deal with coming up with strategies for brand design will keep on asking the right questions to the business owners. There exists a strong relationship in between the likeability of the product and the brand building process. You will have to understand how the target audience perceives not just your product, but also the company in general. What are the aspects entrepreneurs will have to consider when it comes to creating a successful brand identity strategy?

The most successful brands will have clear-cut goals and objectives.  Locating a branding team who can understand your motives and translating them into a workable strategy is easy during these times. Yes, there are plenty of design companies; but the best will always stand out from the rest of the lot. Successful brand identity strategy is also about creating an efficient timeline for working out the goals / objectives. Having realistic objectives is necessary at this point to achieve the marketing goals. The strategy crafted by the design team should adhere to your schedule as well as budget!

If you are not completely sure about the functions offered by your brand of products and services, it is better to get in touch with an expert team of brand design specialists. Upon realizing the functions, one can start focusing on the type of target audience who will find the product / service highly beneficial.  By positively reinforcing the brand identity, entrepreneurs are successful when it comes to producing long-term memories of their products / services on the target audience. Today, with the help of proprietary tools, we can also measure the exact effectiveness of the message that you are trying to convey to the same populace!

Creating a proper logo is just one of the initial steps included in the brand design strategy. You must also focus on creating the print materials and building your product line – under the guidance of a full service design firm.